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Favourite Extensions for the Firefox Web Browser :

Last Updated : July 2019

There are a ton of extensions out there for the Firefox web browser, but we've decided to list some of our favourite ones below. Extensions are user-contributed add-ons to the web browser which extend or improve the features in some manner. Everyone seems to have their own picks, and we update this list ourselves from time to time. Generally speaking, the extensions we use most frequently are towards the top of the list.

Media Hint
Allows access to geo-restricted sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc.

Coupons at Checkout
It finds the coupons, so you don't have to. Get the browser plug-in that shows you coupon codes automatically, for pretty much anything you buy.

HTTPS Everywhere
This extension automatically sends requests to participating sites and services on the web from Firefox using the secure HTTPS protocol, instead of insecurely as normal. This prevents ISP snooping and redirection, and generally makes your online experience more secure.

AdBlock Plus
This extension blocks advertisements from appearing and loading on webpages being viewed. Be sure to subscribe to the "EasyList" ad-blocking subscription after installing in order to keep your ad blocking capabilities up to date!

This extension blocks and removes tracking cookies placed on your browser by websites, including those nasty and hard to remove "Flash Cookies" (LSO's).

This extension constantly keeps you updated with the weather forecasts for your location. It displays satellite weather photos as well as weather icons in a bar on the bottom of the browser window. A must-have once you have had it installed for a day!

Save Images
This extension lets you save all images from a page, with tons of options. Universal Currency Converter
This extension lets you quickly convert from one currency amount into another. Extremely handy for planning trips, making online purchases, or just figuring out how much something will cost. is a famous currency conversion website, and I often wondered why nobody had created just such an extension for FireFox -- however, after digging around on their website long enough, I eventually found this buried in their beta software section. Works great for me here! You can even select numbers on a webpage, and then rightclick on it to access the extension. The nicest part is that the rates are loaded realtime from their system, so they are always up to date! There is a direct link to the extension here, but it may change as they update the software.

Mr. Uptime
This extension lets you monitor when a site that is currently down returns back online. This is handy for when sites get taken offline because of popularity (too much traffic / load), and lets you check back with them when they come online again -- it keeps an eye on them, and notifies you when there's a change in status.

This extension extends Firefox's URLBar, adding several new icon shortcuts. This makes it quicker and easier to copy the contents, move upwards on the same site, create a TinyURL for a link, and more.

Page Saver
This extension saves the contents of a browser window into a graphic image file locally on disk. This particular extension is our favourite instance of this type, since unlike other similar extensions it does not need Java or other intensive components in order to operate.

Easy DragToGo
This extension allows you to open links on webpages by dragging and dropping the links onto the page background. It does a lot more, but that is an introduction to some of the great features this extension adds. The gestural control on this extension is really great -- you'll immediately notice it is missing as soon as you use someone else's computer without it. [I used to like the "DragDeGo" and "SuperDragAndGo" extensions, but they appear to have been abandoned by their developers, and don't seem to be completely compatible with FireFox v3.x, so this extension is taking up anew in its place.]

This extension (from the creators of BugMeNot, below) automatically informs you of coupon codes and discounts on many websites. They maintain an up-to-date listing of the coupons in their system, so you can check whenever you're on a website's checkout whether there are coupons available.

EasyElement additional filter for AdBlock Plus
This add-on filter for AdBlock Plus removes additional empty spaces and advertisement leftovers from appearing and loading on webpages being viewed. You must have AdBlock Plus installed in order for this filter to work, and probably should also have the EasyList subscription already in place.

This extension gives you a ton of new tools for debugging and web development. Must-have for developers!

This extension allows you bypass compulsory registration required by many websites, such as online newspapers. Rather than registering and providing personal information, you can skip those steps and log in straight away.

This extension allows you to protect your privacy by randomizing your Google cookies and prevent them from tracking you. It also has lots of other great features and tweaks for Google users to make the most of it when you're using FireFox.

Download Statusbar
This extension displays multiple file downloads simultaneously in a bar along the bottom edge of the browser window. It also gets rid of that momentary freezing of the browser which used to happen when file downloads were waiting to begin.

Copy Plain Text
This extension copies text alone from webpages, without any formatting, fonts, hidden, or other non-text information. Just the text, ma'am, just the text.

This extension takes advantage of the GeoURL tags present in many webpages. When the browser detects one on a webpage, the GeoURL icon on the statusbar lights up. When clicked, it displays a list of corresponding websites physically located within close geographic proximity of the current page being viewed.

Retro Find
This extension changes the Find text-searching feature in Firefox to be more as it was in previous versions of the program, and as it is implemented in other applications.

PDF Download
This extension avoids attempting to stream PDF documents into the web browser if you click a link leading directly to such a file. Instead, you can decide behavior for this type of action, such as saving the PDF files to your hard drive, or open it in a new tab. Opening PDF files unexpectedly in the browser when clicking links can bog you down.

Print It!
This extension allows you to Print and PrintPreview (exactly what they sound like) directly from the right-click context menu on any webpage. Quick and easy access to printing something you see while browsing the web.

This extension restores your browser exactly as it was before being closed or crashed. All tabs reappear with the most recent pages displayed. Handy in case of accidental closure or system crashes.

Tab Preview
This extension displays a small image of the respective webpage when mousing over the tab. Handy for quickly viewing the pages all loaded at once.

How'd I Get Here
This extension stores path information outlining how you arrived at the current site being viewed in the browser window.

View Image
This extension re-implements the google image, "View Image" and "Search by Image" buttons.
(equivalent version for Google Chrome)

Handy Tools for the Firefox Web Browser :

This tool lets you create backups of Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla Suite, and Netscape profiles. It lets you backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache, etc. It took a while to track down a good tool to make backups of Firefox and Thunderbird, but this one is simple, free, and works well.

Tips and Tricks for the Firefox Web Browser :

The Keyboard Shortcuts
Here is a quick and dirty listing of the keyboard shortcuts for many common tasks performed by FireFox. It is handy to do some of these tasks using the keyboard when working with the browser, rather than stop to use the mouse.

More Tricks
Here is another list of tips and tricks for getting the most out of Firefox 3.

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