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My Jailbreak Tasks Checklist for the Apple iPhone :

Last Updated : November 2009

The following are my list of tasks to complete in order to jailbreak and customize an Apple iPhone.

Step 1 :
Upgrade the iPhone using iTunes to firmware v3.1.2 (if it isn't already there)

Step 2 :
Download and run blackra1n to jailbreak the phone.

Step 3 :
Run the blackra1n app on the iPhone to install Cydia and blacksn0w.

Step 4 :
Uninstall the blackra1n app from the phone, which leaves Cydia and blacksn0w in place.

Step 5 :
Install MobileTerminal from Cydia for free.

Step 6 :
Change the passwords for the iPhone's "root" and "mobile" user accounts. The default password for both accounts is "alpine". More details here.

Step 7 :
Uninstall MobileTerminal in Cydia, now that we are done with it.

Step 8 :
Install Backgrounder from Cydia for free.

Step 9 :
Install Insomnia from Cydia for free.

Step 10 :
Install VoIPover3G from Cydia for free. This will allow Skype to use 3G service for calls.

Step 11 :
Install SBSettings from Cydia for free. This will allow us to hide unused applications from the springboard, along with lots of other nice tweaks.

Step 12 :
Install MakeItMine from Cydia for free. This will allow us to remove the carrier logo and branding from the status bar on the top of the phone.

Step 13 :
Install afc2add from Cydia for free. This will install the afc2 service on the blackra1n jailbroken phone, so that we can connect easier using iPhoneBrowser.

Step 14 :
Install ProSwitcher from Cydia for free. This will allow easy switching between apps running in the background.

Cydia Apps :

  • NoNewsIsGoodNews
  • afc2add
  • Backgrounder
  • BTstack Mouse
  • Insomnia
  • Insomnia Toggle (for SBSettings)
  • MxTube
  • MyWi
  • Papaya Farm
  • Patrick Otten Clock
  • ProSwitcher
  • QuickReply for SMS
  • SBSettings
  • SmartScreen Lite
  • Voicemail Forwarder
  • VoIPover3G
  • WeatherFeed
  • WiFiFoFum
  • WinterBoard
  • yFyLite

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