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Xircom RealPort Cardbus Ethernet RBE-100 drivers

I recently needed to configure a Xircom RealPort Cardbus Ethernet adapter (model # RBE-100) on Windows 98.

Windows 98 has drivers built-in that seem to match the description of this device, but they wouldn't work properly when I chose them and installed them for this network adapter.

When I searched online for drivers for this device, I found a only few links available, but many of them seemed to be malware bundles or programs unrelated to just a set of the drivers.

I eventually found a proper set of drivers for this device, and successfully tested this network adapter using these drivers, so I know for a fact they actually work.

Download the drivers : Xircom RealPort Cardbus Ethernet (RBE-100) network drivers

These drivers may also work on Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but I have not tested those other operating systems. They are mentioned in the release notes with the drivers.

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